39 – The Hunt For Schoer

In Buenos Aires, Alan Shoer was scared stiff. He knew someone had him under surveillance and was tracking his every step. He had already paid out more than 800,000 dollars to the Argentine international security chief with a promise of a million more, so he was certain that it was not the Argentines tracking him.  39 – The Hunt For Schoer

At first he thought it was the CIO, but the CIO would have already moved to. He had no illusions that they could not extract him from Argentina. He had read too many internal reports where other defectors, far less important than he, had been “snuffed,” as Henry Watts was fond of saying.

That left only Galt as a possibility. But he had no gripe with Galt. He had delivered just as he had promised, and the money was scattered where Galt could never get to it again. Besides, he doubted that Thomas Galt would miss a few million out of his billions, or maybe trillions.

Schoer tucked his automatic under a pillow and took a couple of sleeping pills. It had been a nerve-racking day, dodging in and out of taxes and buildings trying to shake his pursuer. He set the intruder alarm before lying down. It was the most sophisticated alarm system money could buy. He knew nothing could reach him without tripping the alarm and signaling his paid Argentine security forces downstairs. Tomorrow he would have to make plans to move again.