Abednego in the 21st Century – Ray


                      by Ray Mossholder


Can you imagine having a name like Abednego?

It’s worse than Sue I want you to know.

Every time in school I told someone my name

They laughed and laughed, I felt really lame.

But God was with me, He was my strength,

And always I’d go to any length

To please my Lord and do what He said.

So “Valedictorian” my diploma read.

I entered into business and very soon

My income climbed and reached the moon.

I mean I made money, my bank account soared,

A Lexis, a Lear jet, a mansion, the Lord

O.K.’d most investments, but saying “No” at times.

He kept me honest and away from all crimes,

Until one day it all could have gone

When a dishonest businessman stood on my lawn

And told me how I could triple my cash,

All I needed to do was use a newsflash

Smearing a man who owned a business like mine.

He’s your rival,” he sneered, “not your Valentine!

Just publish this picture, rip him real good,

And he’ll lose all his customers.” And I knew he would.

Think how rich you’ll be then when they all come to you.

Publish this picture. That’s just what to do.”

Thanks, but no thanks,” I smiled at this crook

And he gave me the coldest, dirtiest look.

Why not, Abednego, you have every right.”

I’ll tell you why not. I couldn’t sleep at night,

Knowing I’d ruined a human Christ died for,

And that’s EVERY man.” The wretched man swore.

You’re a fool, a Christian, you think Christ saves.

There’s no other explanation to why a man behaves

Like an idiot, the way you’re doing now.

Well, I’ve tried to help you but I can’t show you how

To totally destroy your competition

Which should certainly be your main ambition.”

I smiled and tried to make him see

If I was poor and had no key

To car or plane or my huge home

I’d do the same, I wouldn’t roam

From what God says in His Bible clear,

In a world like this it keeps my head clear.

Fool!” the wretched man sneered as he walked to his car.

“You Christians are imbeciles, you go way too far

In following your absolutely invisible King

As if HE gave you everything.

This is the only picture that could ruin that man

And now it will fully be my plan

To publish the photo anyway that I alone carry,

The police will arrest him and I have a prison sentence his charge will carry. .

Then I’m going to get you some way or other

Neither one of you men are my blood brother.

I’m off to the press with the only shot

That exists of this man that will turn him to rot.

Beware from now on Abednego,

Your turn is next, I’ll stop your flow.”

Let me pray for you first before you drive,

If you knew Christ your business would thrive.”

Hogwash!” he sneered as he got in his car,

But in horror I watched because he didn’t get far.

A screech of brakes too slow to matter

The crash of steel and the awful clatter

Dead at the scene,” was the doctor’s report.

The newspaper photo said, “A life cut short.”

The photo of my rival burned up in his car.

God knows how to keep man from going too far.