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    From the archives of January 2015

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Headlines in the News

IRS Gives Illegal aliens Tax Credits for Babies — Up to $24,000

Take a Close Look: Amnesty Bonuses in the Tax code

U. S. Army Now the Smallest in 10 years — Below 500,000

NBC Anchor Brian Williams Lies to the Nation

Jeb Bush: “The American Dream Has Become a Mirage”

A Gun Is Like a Parachute: If You Need One and Don’t Have One, You’ll Probably Never Need One again! Join the NRA

Don’t Forget to Pay Your Taxes — 10 to 20 Illegals are Counting on You.

Black Preacher to President: “Close Your Mouth and not Guantanamo, and defend America and not Islam”

The Average College Freshman in America Reads at a Seventh Grade Level

Amy Zamora, who is in the United States Illegally, was selected to sit with First Lady Michelle Obama at the State of the Union Address

Duke University in North Carolina Has Cancelled Plans to Have a Muslim Prayer Broadcast from Duke’s Christian Chapel

Actual photo of Muslims on Duke University’s campus

courtesy of the Kelly File


The Republican Betrayal of Pro-Life Americans


Soon after the new Republican Congress took office in January, a bill was introduced in the House of Representatives that would prohibit the atrocity of late-term abortions that dismember the unborn child. The United States is one of only three nations — China and North Korea — that allow this terrible procedure.

    But some of the supposedly pro-life congress women refused to vote for the measure.

The Washington Post reported. “House republican leaders abruptly dropped plans…to vote on the anti-abortion bill amid a revolt by female GOP lawmakers concerned that the legislation’s restrictive language would once again spoil the party’s chances of broadening its appeal to women and younger voters.”

     The Post continued “Although a vote on the measure was planned, it was cancelled when a group of Republican women in the House who were led by Republican René Ellmers from North Carolina and Republican Jackie Walorski from Indiana, raised concerns. These Representatives were the leaders of the dissident group.”

René Ellmers (Indiana)

René Ellmers (North Carolina)

Comment: Yes, this is disgraceful! These Republican women — sent to Congress by a massive turnout of pro-life voters — betrayed us. That means there is not a dime’s worth of difference in these two women and Nancy Pelosi, the champion of abortion in the House.

Just like the democrats, these women place a higher priority on politics than on the life of the unborn,

      Parenthetically, when President Obama was a state senator in Illinois, a bill was introduced to protect babies that survived abortions. The bill called for the abortion doctor to call a second doctor to care for the baby that had survived. Obama was one of the strongest voices against that bill and it died. After that, the abortion doctors just took the babies that survived and placed them in a closet to die. Then their bodies were thrown away.


A new Marist-Knights of Columbus poll reveals that 84 percent of the American people favor banning the late-term abortions. But that apparently doesn’t include some of the Republican women in Congress.

March for Life


World Net Daily (WND) reported there were some 200,000 people who joined together in a March for Life in Washington, DC , last week, bringing to the streets in front of Congress their plea for protection for the unborn.

     Although that is double the number that attend even the biggest football game, the pro-choice national news media was virtually silent on the march.

      CBS only gave 15 seconds to the March and did so in connection with the Republican women in Congress and their rebellion against the late-term abortion bill.

      “In the meantime, NBC, ABC and Spanish-language networks Univision and Telemundo did not mention it at all,” WND pointed out.

     Several pro-life organizations have condemned the establishment media for failure to cover the massive event. They include the Catholic League, Liberty Council, the Hispanic Leadership Fund, Concerned Women of America and Human Life International.

NBC’s Brian Williams’ Big Lie to the American People

Brian Williams has been the face of NBC News for the past 10 years and has been paid $13 million a year.     But he now faces a firestorm of criticism after he was caught in a lie he told about when he was in Iraq 13 years ago. And in his ill-fated attempt at damage control he lied again.


Here’s how it all went down. He said that he had “a close call in the skies over Iraq.” During an appearance on the David Letterman Show last year, he said the pilot of the helicopter “landed very quickly and hard. We were stuck, four birds in the desert…” the New York Times Reported. He went on to tell Letterman the helicopter went down after being hit by a rocket-propelled grenade.

     As one commentator said, “It was a heart-stopping war story starring himself.” The problem with the story is that it is untrue — yet through the years he has told the story and it gets more dramatic each time he tells it. He once said, “I thought I was going to die.”

     But the pilots and crew members who were in that battle were furious when they heard Williams tell the big lie. Stars and Stripes  reported “Williams and his camera crew were actually aboard a Chinook in a formation that was about an hour behind…the helicopters that came under fire.”


Comment: When I was a war correspondent in Vietnam in 1967, I did go on a search-and-destroy mission with a helicopter pilot. I will never forget how the copter shook when he fired the 4.5 rockets at his target.

While there, I wanted to go on a bombing raid over Hanoi but was never able to get clearance. However, through the years, I’ve never had any inclination to make up a story and say I did, indeed, join in such a raid.


Former President Carter Blames Israel for the Paris Terror Attack


     “When in doubt, blame Israel — at least that seems to be the habit of America’s least-respected former president.”

     So said The Daily Caller after the Islamist attacks on the French newspaper last month. It continued, “Jimmy Carter’s first reaction was to pin the motivation for such terrorism on Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.”

      When he appeared on “The Daily Show,” host Jon Stewart asked him if the massacre in Paris could have been fueled by something other than Islamic extremism.

     “Well, one of the origins for it is the Palestinian problem,” Carter replied. “And this aggravates people who are affiliated in any way with the Arab people who live in the West Bank and Gaza, what they are doing now — what’s being done to them.”

What Did Presidents Hoover, Truman and Eisenhower  Have in Common?

Back during the great depression, President Herbert Hoover ordered the deportation of all Illegal aliens in order to make jobs available to American citizens who desperately needed work.


     After World War II, President Harry Truman deported two million illegal aliens to create jobs for returning veterans.

     In 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower deported 13 million Mexicans so that WWII and Korean War veterans would have a better chance at jobs. It took the federal government two years, but they deported all of them.

     Comment: It would seem that if it could be done back then, it could be done today. But, of course, those presidents were doing what they thought was best for the American people, not pandering for votes.

Released Criminal Aliens Commit More Crimes

     According to Breitbart News: Last year the Obama administration released 36,000 illegal alien criminals from federal prisons. More than 1,000 of those went on to commit new crimes.

     The Department of Homeland Security admitted that the criminals had committed new crimes in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

      According to DHS, the new crimes committed by the illegals included:

Assault with a deadly weapon…

Terror threats…

Failure to register as a sex offenders…

Lewd acts with a child under 14…

Sarah Payne – was kidnapped and murdered by a sex offender


Aggravated assault…


Hit and run…

Child brutality causing possible death.

     The illegal criminals who were released also have killed three police officers and wounded another.


Comment: Sometimes I wonder if the American people have become just a bunch of sheep among wolves. I see no outrage over the President turning criminals loose on the streets of our neighborhoods, putting the American people at risk. It’s obvious that a good many of the people in this land are asleep and I pray they will awaken before it is too late.

Do You Remember?

In 1959, the U. S. Embassy in Iran was taken over by Muslims and 52 hostages were held in captivity for 444 days.

In 1968, Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by a Muslim.

 In 1972, at the Munich Olympics, Palestinian Muslims kidnapped and then massacred 11 members of the Israeli Olympic Team.

 In 1973, a Pan Am 707 was destroyed in Rome and 33 people were killed by Muslims when the plane was attacked by grenades.

 In 1983, Muslims attacked the U. S. Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, killing 255 Marines and French soldiers.

In 1985, the cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked by Muslims and a 70-year-old American passenger was murdered and thrown overboard in his wheelchair.

In 1988, Pan Am flight 103 was destroyed by Muslims when a bomb hidden in the plane exploded killing 270 Americans and others.

In 2001, four Muslims hijacked airliners and flew them into the World Trade Center and the U. S. Pentagon, killing more than 3,000 Americans.

In 2002, American reporter Daniel pearl was kidnapped and beheaded by Muslims.

Daniel Steele beheaded

In 2013, Muslim’s bombs killed four and injured 264 during the running of the Boston Marathon.

 In 2014, American journalist James Foley was beheaded by Muslims.

 President Obama Defends Muslims, Condemns

Christians at National Prayer Breakfast


Only 48 hours after a courageous Jordanian pilot was burned alive in a cage by ISIS terrorists, President Obama delivered a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday where he continued to defend Muslims but condemned Christians.

   The President pointed out that the Crusaders did evil things to the Muslims. He failed to mention that the Crusades took place after centuries of invasion, torture and death from the Turkish Muslims. Although much else happened that disagreed entirely with the New Testament, the major goal of the Catholic Church was to liberate Jerusalem from the Muslims. Instead our president went on to say that Christians were responsible for the Spanish Inquisition and American slavery in the South. And that the so-called “Jim Crow” laws were influenced by Christianity.

     Christians everywhere were outraged by the President’s comments. Some pointed out that the Crusades ended 700 years ago but ISIS Muslims are killing children, beheading Americans, and raping women today.

Reverend Franklin Graham, responding to the President, noted that Jesus Christ “taught peace” and did not take life. But Mohammed, “was a warrior and killed many innocent people.”

     On one occasion, Mohammed beheaded 600 Jews and repeatedly called for the death of all infidels (those Christians and Jews and everybody else who did not follow him).


Reverend Graham also pointed out that true followers of Christ emulate Christ — true followers of Mohammed emulate Mohammed.

     Comment: Although the President tried to give us a history lecture on all the evil in the world caused by Christianity, it would be wise for him to rely on facts rather than propaganda.

     Yes, during the crusades and the inquisition, Christians did some terrible things. But that was 700 years ago and it happened because the Muslims had taken barbaric control of Jerusalem. The Muslims had been attacking and destroying Christian cities for many years, similar to what they are doing today.

     But Mr. President, learn more from history. There was a Protestant Reformation from 1517 to 1648 that brought great reforms to the church and soundly condemned evil against any people.


History also teaches us that there was a dedicated evangelical Christian man in England by the name of William Wilberforce who worked for years to stop the slave traffic in the British Empire. He won a great victory when the Parliament did, in fact, outlaw slavery.

And a slave trader who worked closely with Wilberforce to end slavery and the slave trade was John Newton who became a clergyman and poet. The song he wrote powerfully expresses Newton’s salvation and what he then realized. That song became the most famous hymn in Christiandom to this day, Amazing Grace.


What about slavery in this country? History confirms that there was a group of evangelical pastors in the north who constantly urged President Abraham Lincoln to abolish slavery, which he did.


A final word — none of us should be surprised by anything President Obama does. He carefully revealed his beliefs and his agenda in two of the books he has written – Faith Of My Father and The Audacity of Hope . We just didn’t pay attention to what he wrote and elected him president twice.

     He has been around radicals all his life and attended a church for 20 years where he heard his pastor Jeremiah Wright week after week spew out his hatred for America.

Christians are not the ones burying little children alive or selling 10-year-old girls into sex slavery or killing innocent people by the thousands. They are Muslims. It is not Christians who have vowed to destroy Israel and America but Muslims.



When I consider the sum and substance of this man, I wonder if this nation can survive two more years of his presidency.