Ch 2 A Happy Ending with No Ending – Randy Alcorn

Ch 2 A Happy Ending with No Ending – Randy Alcorn’s 90 Days of God’s Goodness

We are to rejoice in our inheritance in Heaven even as God sovereignly uses difficulties in our lives as a fire to refine, purify, and strengthen our faith. I’ll never forget my first thirty seconds of high school. I walked in the front door, tripped, and fell on my face … right in front of three cheerleaders. They laughed hysterically. Not a good start for a freshman desperately wanting to be cool! At the time, that incident hurt worse than my serious ankle injury while playing football. Yet forty years later, even though I still remember it vividly, it brings me absolutely no pain. It just makes me laugh.

Of course, my teenage troubles do not compare to having cancer, being tortured, or seeing a child die. I only mean that although certain experiences brought me genuine pain when they happened, with the passing of time and gaining of perspective, they no longer do. If we sometimes recognize this in daily life, shouldn’t we suppose that many of our most painful ordeals will look quite different a million in our lives on Earth? What if we see that every agony was part of giving birth to an eternal joy?

I watched an interview with two families whose daughters, students at Taylor University, suffered a terrible car accident in 2006. A truck hit a van head-on, killing five people. At the accident scene, someone found Laura Van Ryn’s purse next to Whitney Cerak. Workers at the scene mistook the students, both blondes, for each other. Laura, misidentified as Whitney, was pronounced dead at the scene, while Whitney, misidentified as Laura, fought for her life on the way to the hospital.

Some fourteen hundred people attended “Whitney’s” funeral, and her father spoke at the service. No one suspected that the body they buried that day was Laura Van Ryn’s. For five weeks, the Ceraks believed their daughter had died, while the Van Ryns thought their daughter lived.

Ch 2 A Happy Ending with No Ending – Randy Alcorn’s 90 Days of God’s Goodness