Conversation with God #11 – The lottery and judgment

Conversations with God 11: The lottery and judgment

Ray: Good morning, Father.

God: Good morning, son.

Ray: Thank you for the great time. Arlyne, and I had last night with David and Sharon Friend. I think it’s ironic that Arlyne and I have been praying to have more “friends”… and that’s even their last name!

God: You have two things on your mind this morning related to stories in your morning newspaper.

Ray: That’s right, Lord. The first story has to do with the winning of of the Powerball lottery. Over a hundred million dollars was won by a couple who immediately paid for drinks for everyone at a bar. Obviously, these weren’t Christians. I want to ask You why you let people like that win more money than I could ever imagine. And get people who You know you could trust with the money, who would use it to your absolute glory, go hurting financially this morning.

God: YOU wish you had won that lottery son, don’t you?

Ray: Yes, Father, I do. I think of so much that could be done with that kind of money to advance Your kingdom. Money I would want to give to Reverend Tommy Barnett for buildings and even the improvement of sound at our church; to Dr. Jack Hayford for similar things; two struggling ministries like Dennis Petersen’s, to say thank you and cause Russ Bixler’s television network to grow and to advance the healing of families, marriages and singles through NAME, AIM, and Marriage and Singles Plus.

God: So you would become Me? You would become Jehovah Jirah?

Ray: I don’t understand Father.

God: I am the One who meets needs according to MY riches in glory. I am the One who knows what is truly in the heart of man. No matter how carefully you would try to discern the truth from fiction, some of the people you mentioned would be spiritually harmed, not helped, by your giving them large sums. Greed and a total misunderstanding of how I operate in the kingdom of God would spoil My plans for some of these people. Thankfulness would be extremely momentary. And, no matter how many you graciously helped, there would be others who would believe you were only self-motivated and evil because you did not give them money, or because they didn’t feel that you gave them enough. Even your own respect and love for some of these people would be ruined by what you saw them do with what you gave them. Ultimately, that in itself would greatly harm you. And I have not even begun to mention what it would do your family, relatives, and even close friends. So few are able to see someone they believe they “love” win such an amount without feeling they should now inherit great sums of that money for themselves and their children.

Confirming Scriptures – Great to memorize or use in a Bible study:

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Conversations with God 11: The lottery and judgment