Conversation with God #12 – Sleep, rest, food

Conversations with God #12 – Sleep, rest, food

Ray: Hello Father. It’s good to be in Atlanta tonight and find my computer is fixed and here too. It’s been a long day of flying from Phoenix. I’m very tired. But I wanted to get with You before going to bed. Thanks for making it one hour earlier than I thought it was. It’s five to eleven, not five to twelve. So I can still talk with You without missing any days since May 6th.

GOD: Yes. Your flying days make it harder for you to visit Me in the mornings. I’m glad you have come now.

Ray: I didn’t get to bed until 4 AM last night. I was up at 8. I am also thankful Father I was able to sleep so well on both segments of the flights.

GOD: Yes, your body needed the sleep.

Ray: I guess it would be silly to ask You why our bodies need sleep. But I sure could get a lot more done if sleep wasn’t necessary.

GOD: Son, you understand sleep somewhat from the physiological need. But you, nor any of the human, can understand how much I love to give my people rest.

Ray: Are “sleep” and “rest” the same thing in Your mind?

GOD: No. Any human can sleep. Without eventual sleep they would die. But my rest can be entered into even when my humans go a long time without sleep. However, without sleep, even my people eventually find it harder and harder to find My real rest. Their flesh wars against their spirit and often against Me as the Holy Spirit too. They find it harder and harder to obey Me. So I delight in seeing them sleep too and even minister to them while they sleep.

Ray: I know I don’t do well in finding Your rest when I don’t get enough sleep.

GOD: That is an understatement!

Conversations with God #12 – Sleep, rest, food