Daniel In The 21st Century – Ray

by Ray Mossholder

Consult every book, magazine or manual,

And you’ll never find a greater believer than Daniel.

At the Daniel whose name is the name of a Book

In the Bible, take a long look

At the courage, the faith, the true love of the Lord

That this Daniel had. His God he adored.

He had faith like a knight in shining armor.

He was handsome, wise, and a real charmer.


One day another Daniel was deeply engrossed in God’s Word

When a really cute girl said, “That’s so absurd

For you to be wrapped up so tight in that Book

That you haven’t taken a really good look

At me, ‘cause I love you and I want a kiss,

I don’t want to live the rest of my life as a Miss.

So put down that Bible and give me a smack

And you’ll find that I will kiss you right back.

We can go on and on like that for hours,

And when we’re done we’ll need cold showers!”


Now the girl was gorgeous and that’s the truth

Daniel had watched her at a kissing booth.

He’d not kissed her himself but just watched in awe

As guy after guy kissed her and then he saw

Them stagger away in ecstasy,

Delirious. Happy as can be.


Daniel told her flat out, “No,

You’re too fast for me. I want to go slow.

There’s a lot more I want to happen in my life

Before I find the woman I want for a wife.”

“Well, then quit talking about marriage, let’s make love

That’s what God is, so it comes from above.

He wants you to experience abundant life

You can’t do that without me.”  She cut like a knife

At his willpower, because as she drew close

Her perfume got to him, she’d taken a dose

Of it and it smelled so sweet.

Daniel was suddenly swept off his feet.

“Pucker up, baby!” the Delilah said,

And Daniel thought, “I wish I was dead.

Because I know this isn’t God’s will for me,

But my sins are forgiven since Christ died on that tree.

Whatever I do is washed in Christ’s blood,

Why not make love?”  Then came a thud

As Daniel’s Bible hit the ground

And like an alarm clock, that very sound


Got his attention and he suddenly prayed,

“God, help me!”  And no time delayed

The strength came from the Lord to resist,

Later Daniel thought, “What if we’d kissed?

How far could temptation have taken me

Away from God’s will and His destiny

That He’s planned for me since before I was born?

Wow! Like Sampson, I was almost shorn!”


But the Lord is a mighty help in trouble

He’ll deliver you, and that goes double

For times of temptation that seem really hard

Until He has your angel set a guard.

It was Daniel’s angel that pushed the Book

From his hand that day and made him look

At what almost happened with that pretty girl

Who had his brain in such a whirl.


And to all who think guys like Daniel are geeks,

He’s getting married in just two weeks

To a Christian lady who in every way

Would blow that other girl away.

They’ll be partners for life, with joy every day,

Following Jesus, together they’ll pray.

And what if he’d instead married that lustful youth?

He’d have lost her forever at a kissing booth!