Follow-up on our urgent prayer request from Australia

Follow-up on our urgent prayer request from Australia

Our news in Australia continues to feature updates on the two men in every bulletin.   There are reporters in Denpasar at the main prison where they were held for the past decade and more on the island where the holding prison is where they were transferred to yesterday.  All politicians in our federal parliament participated in a candle vigil that was shown on TV tonight.  I watched a live cross to a Church in Melbourne where Andrew Chan is ordained from who were holding a prayer meeting.  This church has all sorts of our reach projects both running and planned which the pastor shared about which were created by Andrew and Myuran.  These consist of helping other prisoners with training and preparing them for being able to obtain employment on release from prison.

The Indonesians had a security force that would rival the protection for a US president to move the two of them yesterday.  The question being asked is why.  The other prisoners moved at the same time had very minor security in comparison.  It didn’t happen a month ago when they had their last round of executions.

According to what has been reported from an interview the president gave yesterday, the executions won’t take place until next week but they will definitely go ahead.
My reading of it is having made the initial decision he feels he will lose face if he backs down and might lose votes with hard line voters who care nothing for any mitigating circumstances.  In other words only local politics motivates his decision.  He has consistently stated that because of their serious drug problem they must be tough on drugs and show no mercy.  The problem with his logic is that the main thing stopping the crack down on drugs is the entrenched corruption.
On the other hand if they carry out the executions Indonesia faces serious political and possibly trade sanctions.  After the Bali bombing many Balinese suffered severe financial hardship with the drop off in tourism.
Another hypocrisy is that there are a number of Indonesians on death row in other countries around the world.  Indonesia is making all diplomatic efforts they can to stop their own people being executed by other governments.
As the prayer vigils all say continue the hope.
We believe God is able. please continue to pray for Andrew and Myuran.
Milton Gillie, Australian correspondent for reach more now
Follow-up of our urgent prayer request from Australia