Has America Lost It’s Soul? – The Bill Keith Report And Commentary Nov. 4, 2015

Has America Lost It’s Soul? – The Bill Keith Report And Commentary Nov. 4, 2015

November 4, 2015

The Bill Keith Report And Commentary

Has America Lost Its Soul?


      The Apostle Paul, the great first-century missionary, author and teacher,  wrote a letter to Timothy, his young protégé. In the letter he spoke of people whose consciences were so evil they had lost all feeling of right from wrong, good from evil. He said their consciences had been “seared” or “cauterized” as though with a hot iron. Hence, no conscience, no feeling.

     Centuries later, Pope John Paul said that the people of America, having allowed the death of the millions of unborn, have created “a culture of death.”

     Recent revelations about the evils of Planned Parenthood would support both theses.

     The most recent undercover video of an interview with a PP abortionist reveals the abortionist talking about how to sell the “intact head of a baby,” according to attorney Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice.

     The videos reveal that PP has been selling baby body parts for profit for many years.

     “The abortionist states (in the video) that selling the head — including the brains — of an aborted baby ‘will give me something to strive for,'” Sekulow said.

     Yet, again, there is a virtual blackout of these heinous practices by the mainstream news media.

     There has been an effort in Congress to defund Planned Parenthood — the organization receives over a half billion dollars a year from taxpayers — yet the Democrats in Congress have blocked the effort. Also, President Obama and Hillary Clinton — along with most all Democrats in Congress — continue to support PP.

The Pentagon and the Soul of America

     Green Beret Sergeant Charles Martland was discharged from the army after going to the aid of a young Afghan boy who was being raped on an American military base in Afghanistan.

     Town Hall reports “After an Afghan police commander admitted to repeatedly raping a little boy after chaining him to a bed for seven days, he was brought on base for questioning by Army Special Forces. When the commander laughed about his atrocities, in addition to beating the boy’s mother when she tried to intervene to stop him from assaulting her son, he got roughed up (by Martland).”

     After the incident, the Pentagon kicked Sergeant Martland out of the army.

     Earlier, the New York Times published an extensive report on how U.S. soldiers serving in that country have been ordered to ignore the rampant sexual abuse of young children, even on army bases. The army informed the soldiers that “it’s their culture” and were told they would be punished for intervening on behalf of the children. Some solders said they could hear the little boy’s cries all throughout the night.

     Yes, indeed, when the American government does nothing to protect the lives of little boys from Afghan sexual predators, this country has lost its soul.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Corrupt News Media

     Many of us watched the Democratic presidential debate with great interest. It was more of a love fest — between the media and Hillary Clinton — than a debate.

     The debate once and for all revealed how partisan the news media is toward Hillary Clinton. They asked her no tough questions — about how she lied about the Benghazi attack that killed our ambassador to Libya and three other heroic Americans — or any of her other failures while serving as Secretary of State.

     The reader will recall that for two weeks after the Benghazi attack, Mrs. Clinton told the American people it was caused by an American video critical of Mohammed. However, in her private emails — recently uncovered through the freedom of information act — she was telling everyone it was a terrorist attack. Yet the news media did everything they could to cover her lie.

     Why did she lie? To help President Obama who was locked in his second presidential campaign with Mitt Romney. Obama had declared the war against al-Qaeda had ended and he was afraid a terrorist attack would hurt him with the American voters.

     What about the news media’s cover-up of the way our veterans are being treated?

     In a recent interview, Mrs. Clinton said the veterans problem is no big deal. Yet, more than 30,000 veterans have died waiting for treatment in our VA hospitals and some 50,000 veterans are homeless on the streets of America.

     No big deal? Again, the news media gave Mrs. Clinton a pass and failed to report the truth hoping they can help her get elected president.

     In another recent incident, a group of Black Lives Matter interrupted her campaign speech and yelled so loud she couldn’t continue her speech. But she did say “I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you.”

     Once again, the news media gave her a pass. None mentioned that Black Lives Matter urges people to kill policemen.

     Hence, a massive Obama-Clinton cover-up with a complicit news media. As one who has observed politics in Washington for more than 50 years  — and one who served as the city editor of an afternoon daily newspaper —  this is the worst news media I’ve ever seen.

Hypocrisy on Trial

     Planned Parenthood violates federal law. Nobody is arrested. Sanctuary Cities ignore federal law. Nobody is arrested. The Department of Justice runs guns to Mexican drug cartels. Nobody is arrested. The IRS illegally targets conservatives for audit. Nobody is arrested. Hillary Clinton violates federal law on classified information. She’s running for president. Kentucky clerk refuses to issue marriage licenses after same-sex marriage ruling. She goes to jail. (Courtesy the Patriot Post)

The Insanity of Gun-Free Zones

     Following the tragic shooting at the  Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, as sure as sin follows temptation, the gun-control activists called for more gun controls.

     President Obama led the charge, repeating his worn-thing mantra, that more and more controls are needed. Hillary Clinton chimed in saying, “The epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries” and she vowed, if elected, to fight the National Rifle Association with all her might.

     Something quite interesting about the Umpqua College shooting — the security officer on duty wasn’t even carrying a gun for the school was a gun-free zone.

     Gun-free zones are open targets for cowardly sociopaths or those with mental illnesses to prey and yes, kill, our children in the schools. They survey a school, see the sign that says “Gun Free Zone” and they know they have an easy target. Only they will be armed.

     One way to stop all the violence and killing in our schools is to take down the “Gun Free Zone” signs and replace them with “This School is Protected by Armed Security.” Since these killers are cowards, that would stop most all of the killings that have plagued our schools in recent years. But apparently no one in Washington seems to have thought of that.

Have the Inmates Taken Over the Asylum?

     There are more criminals on the streets of America after President Obama released 6,000 convicted drug offenders as part of his new sentencing program, the Conservative Tribune reports.

     Released on October 30, it is the largest one-time release of prisoners in U. S. History and the president says some 50,000 others are eligible for release in the near future.

     About one-third of those released are illegal aliens who have committed drug-related crimes and will be turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. But who knows if they will never be deported for deportations are minimal under Obama.

      Comment: It’s quite difficult to understand why President Obama has chosen to release these men and women, many who are hardened criminals. Some have sold drugs to children. Others have sold heroin and other drugs that have destroyed thousands of lives.

Fourteen Million More Illegal Aliens Expected in U.S.

    Unless something is done to address the illegal alien problem, some 14 million more illegals will cross the border from Mexico into the U.S. over the next 10 years, the Washington Examiner reports.

     “Including all forms of immigration, the Census Bureau estimates another 14 million immigrants will enter the U.S. between now and 2025 — that’s almost five times the number of students who will graduate from public high school in America this year,” theExaminer reported.

     That would bring a total of more than 25 million illegals in the land.

The Forgotten Generation — Our Elderly

      The Obama administration announced there will be no cost-of-living increase next year for the elderly on social security who have become a forgotten generation. Have we forgotten that they built our giant skyscrapers and superhighways? Taught our children in schools? Healed our families in hospitals? And a hundred other acts of courage that made this nation great?

     Have we forgotten that all the money in the social security fund came from the elderly and not one dime from government?

     There’s plenty of money for illegals — who cost taxpayers billions of dollars each year. But not for the elderly.

     There’s plenty of money for Iran — $150 billion — to seal the nuclear deal where Iran got everything and the U. S. nothing.

     There’s plenty of money for the President and his wife to fly in separate planes to California for fundraisers when it costs $6,000 per hour to fly each plane. But nothing for the elderly.

     There is talk in Washington of bailing out bankrupt Puerto Rico that will cost billions. But nothing for the elderly.

     There’s $50 billion in fraud in Medicare each year. But no one seems to care.

     Congress just passed a new budget that, in two years, will increase the national debt to $20 trillion. But nothing for the elderly.

     It’s an absolute disgrace but that is what We the People have come to expect from our President and the Congress.

Has America Lost It’s Soul? – The Bill Keith Report And Commentary Nov. 4, 2015