My Identity In Christ part 1


If you’ve ever had your identity stolen, you know what an ordeal it can be. I was once robbed at gunpoint. The thief got all four of my one-dollar bills that were in my wallet. He also had access to my credit cards, my social security card and my drivers license. He had all the information he needed to be me…and I did not.

The first area that I would like to share about what a believer’s identity is, is that of a son. We have the inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven as son’s of God. We have rights. We belong.
Don’t get caught up in the male/female aspect of what being a son implies. It’s the way that God ordered it, and it works both ways, as I will discuss in my next post.
So how do we live in this son-ship. I can say it and lay claim to it. “I am a son of the most high God” “He is the King of kings so that makes me royalty“. Beyond that, we learn from our Father. We go where He goes and do what He does. The bible can be a diary of the things that our Father has done.
I remember as a very young boy, our family built an addition on our house. I still have a fondness for the smell of the sawdust from freshly cut wood.   The ceiling of the new room was a tongue and groove series of boards and I helped drive in the nails that held it all together. I could fit in the small areas of the attic where the roof was close to the ceiling. Where did  I learn my rudimentary carpentry skills? By watching my father. I can recall a real sense of accomplishment as the head of a nail would become flush with the skin of the wood. My father also instilled in me a love for sports and more specifically a love for baseball.
So what are the things that my heavenly Father does for me to learn from and duplicate? Firstly I would say that He is an exhibiter of love. After all, He is love. His mercy towards us is a daily act of love to me, and to you as well. He’s generous, He gave us His Son. He also gave us the Holy Spirit. He continuously gives to our lives in so many countless ways. He is the Creator. We should be creating. He is a healer, so be quick to lay your healing hands on the sick and let God heal them. Our Father has so many things attributed to His nature. We are made in His image, so we can make His nature ours. When we get stuck and don’t know what we are supposed to do as His child, ask Him for direction. Crack open the good book and let Him reveal Himself. If you are experiencing an identity crisis or the enemy has stolen your identity, step into the inheritance you have, and follow your Father.

Love in Christ,




Why Is It When (A Prayer)

Why is it
When I turn to you,
You keep Your face from me?
Why is it
When I look to You,
My eyes fail to see?
Why is it
When I ask You,
You don’t seem to hear?
Why is it
When I cry to You,
You don’t see my tear?

Have You forsaken me?
I feel so all alone.
Please speak to me.
Roll away this stone
That keeps me from You.

I miss Your sweet presence, friend,
Even though You’ve always been here.
Show me where You want me
And make my journey clear.

I’ll always try to look to You,
And walk next to You each length.
Guide me with Your wisdom.
Protect me with Your strength.

I cannot hear Your voice right now
But I’ll trust You with my heart.
Comfort me with Your lasting peace.
Let our friendship never part.

When questions come to my mind
But the answer doesn’t seem to,
Let the energy I’ve spent on frustration
Be turned to praise to You.

Why is it
When I turn to You,
You are always there?
Why is it
When I look to You,
You look after me with care?
Why is it
When I ask you
Over and over again?
Why is it
When I cry to You,
You take away my sin?

I feel at times I’ve forsaken You,
To take all life has to give me.
And after every time I crucify You,
You always do forgive me?
Keep me close to You.