My Identity In Christ part 2

Hi Friends,
We have been the victims of identity theft. We have allowed the enemy to steal what is rightfully ours, to the point that we don’t know who we are. We need to find our lost identity. In part one of this series I mentioned that our identity is that of the son’s of God, and that we have an inheritance as His children. Here in part two I’ll get into our identity as the bride of Christ.
The book of Revelation refers to Jesus as the Bridegroom and to His church as His bride. We are the bride of Christ and as His bride we have privileges that go along with that. As with my last post, don’t let the male/female aspect of the word bride confuse you. This is not a gender confused situation here, it is an identity that God provides for us that gives us position in His Kingdom.
I recently received a calendar with photo’s of Ronald and Nancy Reagan. It also contained some quotes from President Reagan written to his bride Nancy. He was a romantic. He said some lovely and loving things to her that revealed his thoughts toward her. Nancy supported her husband in the things that he felt led to do. They went from being a Hollywood couple to becoming the Governor and First Lady of California, a popular radio personality, and eventually the President and First Lady of the United States of America. You don’t even need to agree with his politics to recognize that Ronald Reagan loved his bride and Nancy Reagan loved her groom.
So what are we to do as the bride of Christ? For starters we stand with Him unashamed. We walk beside Him. We share intimacy with Him. We tell Him about our day and listen to what He wants to tell us. We commune with Him.
I’m not so sure that currently we behave as a bride of Jesus should behave. We are meant to be a pure and spotless bride. I think that I become too self absorbed in my own world at times, that I am not a very desirable bride. Fortunately I have a God that sees me as being thoroughly  cleansed by the blood of Jesus, and as the beautiful bride of Jesus.
Similarly to our Father/son  relationship with God, as His bride I have rights and a inheritance. But I also have an intimacy level that goes beyond any other type of relationship. I am His companion. As His son I follow in His footsteps and copy what He does. As His bride I walk along side of Him and begin to exercise the authority that I have as His bride. There are some subtle but real differences in those two interactions, and the beautiful thing is, that I get to have both identities as my own. He loves me as His Son and heir, as well as His beloved bride.
I will conclude this three part series in my next post by discussing a third identity that we have; as Priests of the most high God.





More Of You

More of You and less of me
More of You  and  less of me
Lord Jesus fill my soul.
Fill my cup, make me whole
With more of You and less of me.

More of You and less of me
More of You and less of me
Lord Jesus fill this place
With your mercy, love and grace
With more of You and less of me.

More of You and less of me
More of You and less of me
It’s my burning desire
For my life to be on fire
For more of You and less of me.

More of You and less of me
More of You and less of me
With my voice I offer praise
I rejoice. My hands I raise
All of me, belongs to Thee.
More of You and less of me.