Josh McDowell – Evidence that demands a verdict

Josh McDowell is one of the foremost Christian apologists alive today. A “Christian apologist” is not someone who makes apologies for Christ or the Bible. A “Christian apologist” is someone who knows the Bible so well from thorough and exhaustive research, years of biblical study and secular writings about the subject in the Bible, a strong working knowledge of the languages originally used in each of the 66 books of the Bible, plus absolutely honest intellectual reasoning that they can easily translate their findings to those who here or read their discoveries. They can accurately answer questions about even the hardest Bible truths. Great Christian apologists never try to prove they are right. They let the Bible do that for them by giving intellectual pursuit of spiritual matters.

Just like America, there are many radio and television personalities in New Zealand who love to “disprove” Bible truth. I went to New Zealand 20 times throughout my ministry to teach for several weeks each time. One of those visits that included my entire family was for a full year. Every time I was about to go to New Zealand, I would re-read Josh McDowell’s book “Evidence That Demands A Verdict”. That fully prepared me for any challenge I would receive on radio or television from nonbelievers who interviewed me.

I highly recommend that you read the works of Josh McDowell. But this video will give you an awesome way to learn many of the truths that are in that book. –Ray

Josh McDowell – Evidence That Demands A Verdict