Love is Love, No Matter What

It’s an accepted notion that you don’t tell someone that you love them unless and until you know that you actually love them. While I understand that thought process, I would beg to differ. I am called to love everyone. I must admit that I fall short of this goal, however it is my goal, my calling.
In Matthew Chapter 5, Jesus tells us “To love our enemies.” That is not always easy to do, but if Jesus instructs us to do it, we ought to do it. Jesus also told His disciples that the world “would know us by our love for one another”.
The bible is full of examples of how we should love. Husbands to wives and wives to husbands. Love your neighbor. Love the Lord your God. Basically it can be boiled down to love everyone.
If I can see people the way that God sees them, I can love them. Some individuals are easy to love and some are not so easy. True love doesn’t cause one to cease loving a person, even when circumstances change. If you can say you love someone, there is not a reason to stop loving them. Love is love, no matter what.

While no two people are alike and each of us must carry out our responsibilities in our own unique way, we must love others. We should practice putting others needs ahead of our own. We should reach out to others who may be disenfranchised, and show them love.
I also am convinced that it is a cop out to say “I love them, but I don’t like them”. The bible doesn’t give us this special option to put conditions on our love. I might not like things that a person does, but I must still love them, genuinely. That’s the way that I want to love. I want to love the way that God loves. Unconditionally and perfectly. I want to love people wherever they are in life, and I want them to know that I love them because God first love me, unconditionally and perfectly.
You might say that this is unrealistic or over simplified. Again, I would beg to differ. If our Creator tells us to love, it can be done, realistically. And simple, yes. God’s ways usually are simple. They are not always easy, but they are often simple.
God is Love, so as we spread the good news of God, spread His love by loving those around you. Remember that love is love, no matter what.

Love in the name of Jesus,