Make room for a miracle – Dave (Hugh) Crissman

I had just come home from seeing a Marine Corps buddy, who was dying from cancer. I was feeling several very strong emotions as I stood in my kitchen and prayed for my dying friend. The prayer was not my usual type of prayer. I was angry, I YELLED at God, at the top of my voice, and asked “HOW DO I GET ONE OF YOUR MIRACLES”.  The instant I spoke to God, there was a reply, I heard a voice in the room say these words, “YOU MAKE ROOM “! I did not understand, and I said out loud “I don’t understand”. The same voice said, you have wanted your dad to come and live with you, but you have not made ROOM for him. The voice then said you have wanted a new car, but you have not made room in the garage for it. (cleaned out the garage).

God was teaching me to ask for a miracle and then to expect one — to ACT like you expected to receive. To act in faith!  I have shared this word from the Lord with many people, when they expressed that they needed a Miracle. One lady had lost 3 pregnancies and this couple wanted a child. Her act of faith was to buy baby shoes, and prepare a room in their house for the baby. They now are the parents of a beautiful child, who is special in many ways!

I have another friend who heard this “MAKE ROOM” story and acted in faith. He is an avid golfer but was unable to play golf, he could hardly walk. His “MAKE ROOM “ act of faith, was to display a new “driver” golf club and ask for prayer!  This friend lives adjacent to a golf course and now enjoys walking!  One of the simplest ways to get a miracle is to ask for one, and then express your faith by giving GOD your thanks in advance! GOD may prompt you to express your faith in very unique ways!

P.S. Have you ever wondered about Worship?  How is Worship supposed to be done?  Who is supposed to be blessed during Worship?

May I ask you to look at just three bible verses? Jude:20, 1 Cor. 14:4, John Ch.4:23-24. Make room for a miracle.

Hi David,
One of the biggest parts of the miracle the Lord did for us was this:  it wasn’t just that I had had previous miscarriages, it was that I had gotten pregnant at age 44, one year after the doctors told me to enjoy traveling with my husband because even in the fertility clinic, women after the age 43 didn’t get pregnant.  I had at 44 just by the grace of God.  No medical intervention.