Marriage Plus #2 – Cheating isn’t worth it

So, you’re speeding down the highway at well over 100 miles an hour on your motorcycle. Your adrenaline is doing back flips. There couldn’t be a more accelerating feeling and you’ve been going faster and faster for several miles. Nothing could be more glorious. But then a Mack truck pulls directly in front of you and you can’t stop until you hit it.
There are a lot of similar emotions when you are cheating in your marriage. But however it happens, that Mack truck is straight ahead of you and there’s going to be a terrible crash. I speak from hideous experience. –Ray

Do you believe God’s Word? God’s Word tells us “All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.” ALL things do – the good moments and the awful moments – not just the good ones. So how can you have a lousy attitude when you know what God has said? I’m not talking about living with blinders on, but I am talking about living with praise on your lips for your spouse, for your children, for Jesus Christ, and knowing that however things look at the moment it’s going to work good. – Ray