Marriage Plus – Arlyne Mossholder – Forgive to Live

I invite you now to meet my former wife. I used to call her “My darlin’ Arlyne”. You may be calling her that too by the time you finish watching her teach. She gave me full permission to show this video or you never would have seen it.

The fact that my wife, Georgia, Arlyne and I visited warmly at Christmastime while Arlyne and my youngest son was marrying, and the fact that we did it on two different days, may surprise you. But if Arlyne lived next door to us, I think Georgia and her would become close friends.

Arlyne and I were married 43 years. Our children and grandchildren love the Lord and my leaving Arlyne didn’t change that. Arlyne and my divorce resulted in miracles that are seldom repeated when others divorce. Both Arlyne and I completely forgave each other years ago. Arlyne has been a close friend of mine by email ever since. Miracles began for us both and have continued ever since the moment we honestly forgave each other.

I don’t think anyone knows more about forgiveness that they fully practice than Arlyne does. This video is a classic. It was filmed more than six years before I left. Listen to Arlyne tell you what forgiveness is and what it isn’t. After you hear her, you should be equipped to forgive anyone for anything. Forgive to live.

Feel free to write a comment after this teaching. Also, ask any questions at all. Nothing is off-limits. Arlyne, Georgia, Larry and my full goal is to help you become everything Christ wants you to become whether you’re married or single so that you will be whole and complete, lacking in nothing (James 1:4). -Ray

Marriage Plus #3– Arlyne Mossholder – Forgive to Live