Meshach in the 21st Century


          by Ray Mossholder

The theater bright with glittering lights

Attracts the crowd that comes these nights

To see the star of film and stage.

He truly is the latest rage.

Handsome, worldly, deeply skilled,

I went to his dressing room, then my nose filled

With an odor of drugs all through the air

And on his table a pistol there.

Not a prop or a fake, but a real gun.

He looked at me, asking “Are you the one,

Meshach, my friend, who believes in Jesus?”

I said, “Yes I am, and if it pleases

You can know Him, too,

I’ll share the King of Kings with you.”

But immediately he picked the gun off his table

Pointing it at me saying “You won’t be able

To tell me about Him, for you’ll be dead

With a nasty bullet hole through your head!

My mother tried to reach me with that Jesus’ stuff.

That’s why I treated her cold and rough

And made her cry then left the city

Where she went to church. It was such a pity

To see how much she loved the Lord.

All I know is, I was bored.

Did you see them applaud at the end of the show?

Crowds don’t ever want me to go.

They love me and that’s all I need,

So right now I’m going to make you bleed!”

He pulled the trigger, there was a clicking sound,

A horrified stare while the gun hit the ground

And he screamed, “Who are you?” to the angel who stood

Behind me. The angel was so bright and good.

Just looking at him, you could tell he was kind.

My actor friend thought he’d lost his mind.

The angel said to the actor, “Christ died for you.

Your mother’s prayers will save you, too.

Get down on your knees and pray with Meshach

And that secret pain of loneliness will never come back.

You’ll cold turkey the drugs and find a wife

And you’ll know happiness for the rest of your life.

Or pick up that gun and shoot again

At Meshach who is your closest friend.

He’ll not die, but you will tonight,

Pray or die, I’ve brought you the light.”

His eyes were huge and fixed and staring

At the angel now; gone was his daring.

He got down on His knees and cried as he prayed

As the Holy Spirit entered him. He hadn’t delayed.

He was born again through his mother’s prayers

And God sent that angel because He cares

About the actor, about me, and about you, too,

If you don’t know the Lord, now you know what to do.