My great friend Jack Schlatter has graduated summa cum laude – Ray

Jack Schlatter was always bigger than life. Georgia and I were with him a couple of years ago in Grand Junction, Colorado, where he would have been elected mayor if he had wanted to. Every time we walked in Grand Junction, several adults who were once his students ran up to him and started talking to him as if he was their closest friend. They would keep telling him what Jack meant to them and what they were achieving now because Jack had once been  their teacher. At that time in his life he had become a substitute teacher and any class that got him was blessed.

Jack was one of our favorite authors for  You can still find his articles in our archives. I  cried when I heard he was gone. I cried like we all cry when we lose someone we love. I didn’t cry for Jack because I know he’s now in Heaven. I cried for myself and how I would miss this giant of a man. Tonight I found 2 videos that I am posting to give you just a little bit of an idea how truly wonderful this man was. The second video that immediately follows the first one will show you his talk to an assembly of students in a junior high after our government denied the Bible or prayer in the public schools. He came as close as a human could to mentioning Jesus Christ without being given the freedom of speech to do it. His gift of speech and his gift as an author will continue to empower people to reach their full potential for many many years.

I first met Jack when I walked on to the campus of Pepperdine College where I would be for the next 4 and a half years. He smiled the warmest smile and made me feel SO welcome. He told me I was going to succeed beyond my wildest imagination while I was at this school. His prophetic greeting proved to be absolutely true.

I wasn’t surprised at all that Jack became Student Body President in my junior year. Everyone on campus loved this always positive Christian. He didn’t turn people off. He continually turned people on. It was Jack who most helped me become Student Body Vice President the next year.

Jack was a first-class actor and director. He loved teaching in junior high schools and his favorite play was my favorite play – “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder. Jack directed it 30 different times with unbelievable success every single time.

I can guarantee you that Heaven is full of laughter today from Christians who have joyfully met Jack now. He died just before Christmas last year. I miss him and my only joy about this is to know that very soon Jack and I will be together again.

Watch this video and you’ll see why I love him so much. Jack was an inspirer, humorist, faith-builder and teacher for many decades. His full name was Jack John Wayne Schlatter. John Wayne would have been proud of Jack too. Meet Jack now and let him tell you about it. He’s got a great message for you…… –Ray