My Identity In Christ part 3

The final identity I will be discussing in this series is the identity of priests. Many believers in the church have either lost their identity or had it stolen. There is an identity crisis that needs to be addressed. I’ve spoken about our identity as a son of the Father, and as the bride of Jesus Christ. Today I will introduce our identity as that of a royal priest.
In the book of Hebrews the new priesthood is discussed, replacing the old.
The priests of the Levitical order would hear the confessions of their people. They would offer up sacrifices to God on  behalf of the people. They were the  representatives at the altar. Only the priests were allowed beyond the veil, to be in the presence of the Father.
Hebrews 7:17 says we are “now called  priests forever according to the order of Melchizedek“. In First Peter 2:9 we are called “a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation” When the ultimate sacrifice was given, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, the veil was torn, allowing us direct access to God. We can now enter His Throne room. He invites us. When we worship Him, we enter His presence. We can petition Him with our needs directly. No middle man is required.
When we understand our identity as the son’s of God, the bride of Christ and His priests, we begin to operate with an authority that is matchless. As I operate in these authorities I am not offendable. What could anyone say that would offend me. I can lay hands on the sick and He will make them well. If I have a question about anything, I just need to ask Him. What an awesome and amazing God to allow us to have such a relationship with Him.
I look forward to a time when we, the Church, operate according to these identities and truly exercise the power and love that God has designed for us.

In Jesus’ name,


The Rooster Crowed

The rooster crowed today and I remembered all You said.
I’m ashamed that I denied You. I feel weak and somewhat dead.
Where do I go from here? What’s the path I take?
What’s the wrath I bear? What lies in my wake?
All that I have wasted, time, and money, and breath.
All that I have tasted, wine, and bread, and death.
The folly of my ways is something I see so clear.
It took so many days and I shed so many tears.
Tears that hit the ground and flood the very seed
That grows into maturity that knows the fruit from weed.
The time has come; in fact, the time’s come again and again.
The time to take things seriously. The time to flee from sin.
I’ve got to find that road that winds through life’s bends,
And cuts through the stubbornness, and runs alongside true friends.
I’ve walked away from what I know and tried life on my terms
Today call me the prodigal; I’m done with pigs and worms
The rooster crowed today and I knew just what it meant.
While the message cut me to the bone, it was heaven sent.
I’m done denying You my Lord, and one thing I know
I’ll lift my hands toward heaven when I hear the rooster crow.