The Problem With Suffering And The Goodness Of God- Ravi Zacharias

Imagine the assignment of speaking to the doctors, nurses, and patients at Johns Hopkins University, the foremost University in America for training in the medical field. That was Ravi Zacharias’s assignment. And the subject they gave him to speak on was “The Problem With Suffering And The Goodness Of God”. Only Ravi could answer the questions so profoundly and yet speak in a way that is so easily understandable.

Why does God allow nuclear warfare to wipe out innocent people? Why does He allow cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and a plethora of other dreadful life–debilitating and life-taking sicknesses? Why would He allow plagues that wipe out millions of people? Doesn’t God care?

Isn’t Christ wanting to stop all sickness and disease as He did while he was ministering on Earth? And why on Earth would he allow nuclear bombs and weapons of mass destruction? Why would He allow a horror filled final tribulation of seven years? Does our God really love us? Is he really a good God? Does God really love you? Watch Ravi speak and give you God’s answers for all these things and much much more. –Ray

The Problem With Suffering And The Goodness Of God