Shadrach in the 21st Century – Ray

I know that Shadrach along with his buddies Meshach and Abednego were placed in a furnace that caused a huge utility bill. It was Daniel who faced the lions in the lion’s den.  But I also know that the same Lion of Judah saved these three guys just like he did save Daniel. Please allow me to share the following story with you….. –Ray


by Ray Mossholder

I love God with my heart and soul,

Serving Him is my full goal,

To put Him first, to follow Him, the men

Because He’s filled me to the brim.

With the Holy Spirit I’m overflown

And only live to make Christ known.


I read in the headlines this very day

That my Bible I’m to put away

Or burn it, destroying all the pages

That were written by the Rock of Ages.


How foolish man is to think he’ll stand

And be the ruler of this land

When he defies the laws of God.

I really think it very odd

That the government would go so far

As to completely forget just who we are.

From Mayflower on, God’s been with us

And blessed America. “In God We Trust”

Is more than a motto, more than a saying,

We trust Him and should be obeying

HIS laws, not man’s that contradict

And disagree with God in sad conflict.


They’ve come for me, pounding hard on my door

Screaming my name as they roar

that I will die for my Christian stance

And in a cell will do a dance

Of apology to these fine people

Who hate my Christ and my church’s steeple.


I pray as I open the door for this mob

And am strangely fearless knowing these would rob

My life from me; attempting to steal and destroy

My joy, my faith; I tell them “Boy,

Can you be a wee bit quieter so my neighbors can sleep?

It’s nearly midnight and all of you in a heap

Can easily take hold of just one me

In this land of the brave and home of the free.


“Shut up!” the biggest of them says and slaps me across my face.

“Where’s your Bible, Christian, show us now, don’t slow down our pace.”

I lead them into the living room where I’ve spent full nights in prayer.

Then I point to it and one reaches to pick it up and tear.

But I see his pain as he touches it and he yells out again.

“What’s wrong my friend?” I ask him, and a lion comes out of His den,

To stand before these frightened men who all are stepping back.

The lion licks his lips and says, “What a luscious midnight snack!”


The men fall to their knees and beg for him to spare their lives.

“We have 14 kids between us,” they cry, “And all of us have wives.”

“I am the Lion of Judah” He tells them, and you know Me as Jesus Christ.

Not the swear word you all use to blaspheme me

And I won’t tell you twice

That if ever you come after this friend of mine again

I’ll be back and the second time won’t return to My den

Without eating you all or any others who come in this mindless war
To trouble Christians who are My friends and frighten them with gore.

I’m saying you’ll die a bloody death, I will not hesitate.

So whatever you have to do when you leave to convince your leaders to stop, don’t wait.

It will be the wisest convincing you have ever done

And when you go out this front door don’t think that you can run.

Or next time they’ll need a mop to wipe away the parts of you that I don’t choose to taste.

Tell them what happened here. That we’ve met face to face.


Before you go, I give you the chance to give your life to Me.

And He suddenly wasn’t a lion, but the Man from Calvary.

Everyone gasped and stayed on their knees and prayed the sinner’s prayer.

“Now as you confront your leaders, you will be in My care.

I’ll give you the words to say to them that will suddenly change what they think,

Only one will say no and he’ll be dead before anyone can blink.

That will help change the others minds and guarantee success.

And know that I’ll go with you into what’s been this awful mess.”


Then Christ turned to me and said, “Your prayers have been like a 911 call.

I’ll be here again around 1 a.m. and we’ll have a real ball.

Well done my good and faithful friend, this insanity is through.

And your nation has been saved from collapse by people just like you.


The key to change for your nation has been prayer and living for Me,

That’s the only way any nation will thrive and find that it is free.

“So let’s go meet those bad guys, friends, and lead them to Me too.”

They left and Christ came back at 1 and my country was brand new.