The Bill Keith Report and Commentary: Owe Bama 6/13/15

The Bill Keith Report and Commentary: Owe Bama 6/13/15

Saturday, June 13, 2015

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This Week’s Headlines….

Secret Service Posted Agents Without Security Clearance at White House

Theft of Drugs During Riots Wreaking Havoc on Baltimore

IRS: Illegals Granted Amnesty Can File for Back Tax Refunds for Years They Never Filed Taxes!

George W. Bush Tops Obama on Favorability in New Poll

Government Audit: Social Security paid $20 million in benefits to Nazis

Border Battle: Criminals Crossing into U.S. Increasing

The latest CNN poll holds some tough news for President Obama, finding that of all our living Presidents, he is now the least popular.

Washington Post: Blacks Disappointment with Obama Poses Challenge for Hillary

Woman With Wife Pleads Guilty to Bigamy

“Socialism works just fine until you run out of other people’s money.” ~~ Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of England.

There were 1 million DUI arrests in America in 2014.


Bad News Concerning Air Travel Safety

     At least 73 people linked to terrorism-related activities made it through the Transportation Security Administration screening and were hired by airlines even though they were on terrorist watch lists, Newsmax reports.

     The new information comes a week after media reports that TSA also failed to detect mock explosives and weapons when tested by undercover agents.

     Comment: This is frightening. This means two things. First, there are employees working for the airlines that have been linked to terrorist activities. Second, during a sting operation, TSA employees failed to detect weapons and even dynamite being carried through security and onto airplanes.

     We all must wake up to the fact that Washington just doesn’t know how to run anything.

Fox Entertainment: Have You No Shame?

     Last week we reported that Fox Entertainment plans to debut its new show entitled “Lucifer” as the Parents Television Council warns that a “darkness has settled over American television.”

     “Lucifer” is a new drama where the Devil comes out of hell to Los Angeles and opens a trendy nightclub. “It stars Tom Ellis as the devil and is loosely base on the DC Comic ‘The Sandman’,” PTC explains.

     However, Fox News TV Host Kimberly Guilfoyle tells Newsmax that she will never watch Fox Broadcasting’s new series “Lucifer” and will not let her 8-year-old son watch it, either.

     Fox Broadcasting is a separate division from Fox News Channel.

     PTC also warned television viewers about Fox’s “Golan” a cartoon, PTC says, is totally inappropriate for children on Sunday nights. The cartoon is about “a sadistic, sex-crazed demon befriending a little girl, massacring her classmates, and sexually groping her mother, over the publicly-owned airwaves in prime time.”

     According to PTC, last week’s program had 1.2-million viewers and almost one-third were children.

     Comment: To me, it is an anomaly that Fox News Channel — which is quite conservative — and Fox Broadcasting — which is corrupt to the core — can coexist. Both are owned by staunch conservative Rupert Murdock, an Australian who was raised in a faithful Presbyterian family.

Relief Advocate: Christians Ignoring Suffering of Mideast Brethren

     Today’s Christian church in America is ignoring the suffering of Christians in the Middle East, just as some German Christians ignored the Nazi persecution of the Jews during World War II.

     So says Juliana Taimoorazy, president of the Iraqi Relief Council and reported by Newsmax.

     “There is a real genocide that is unfolding in front of our eyes,” she said. “So what is it that forces us to remain silent?”

     She told Newsmax that groups such as ISIS have been involved in the mass slaughter of Christians, burning them alive and beheading them as they try to set up a Muslim-only caliphate around the world.

     She said the Christians in Germany closed their ears to the suffering of Jews under Nazi rule “singing louder at church to drown out the cries.”

     According to Taimmoorazy, there are several reasons for the current silence among American Christians.

     She says that many Christians think that if they “close their eyes, close their ears, it’s going to go away and it’s not going to go away.”

     “Children are being sold into sex slavery (by ISIS)…there are women who are being raped every day…This is a human tragedy.”

     Comment: It comes as no surprise to me that the Christian community in this land has no concerted, organized effort to help the Christians who are suffering in the Middle East. Most Christians won’t even take a stand in the culture war here at home and just stand aside as we see the greatest cultural paradigm shift in our history taking place. And the silence among Christians is deafening.

At Last, Good News for the Unborn

    Remember when the pro-abortion crowd chanted “Hail Satan, Hail Satan” in the chambers of the Texas Legislature in Austin?

     They wanted to shut down the Legislature and stop it from banning late-term abortions in the state, according to Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice. “They failed.”

     So they challenged parts of the pro-life law in court but, again, the abortion zealots failed, Sekulow said.

     “This week a federal appeals court held, ‘In plain terms (this pro-life law) may be applied throughout Texas,'” Sekulow said.

     According to Sekulow, this law will have a great impact in Texas as many abortion clinics will be shut down. “It is estimated that this law could save 10,000 babies’ lives in Texas alone.”

     Now Sekulow and his organization are working with Congress to pass a similar law nationwide. “The late-term abortion ban –  stopping abortions when babies feel pain — has already passed the House with bipartisan support.”

Signs of the Times: Christian Pastors and Same-Sex Marriage

  Coeur d’ Alene, a city in Idaho, has laid down the law to Christian pastors — either perform same-sex marriages for homosexuals or face a fine and jail time, the Washington Times reports.

     The ordinance by the city council comes on the heels of a federal judge’s ruling that the state’s ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional, the Timesreported.

     Failure to comply with the ordinance could land a pastor in jail for 180 days and force him/her to pay a $1,000 fine.

     Comment: So the insanity continues. Is there no longer a concept of religious freedom where we Christians are not forced to do those things that violate our consciences? The good people of Idaho voted overwhelmingly like some 61 percent to uphold traditional marriage. Then one federal judge said all the people were wrong and he was right and he struck down their traditional marriage vote.

Obama, America’s Neighborhoods and His Utopian Society

     Americans can remain silent no longer. President Obama now has plans to transform the elite neighborhoods of our land in his quest for an utopian society, according to Vision to America.

     “President Obama is pressing forward with regulations to diversify wealthy neighborhoods…an irrational way of advancing the White House’s own vision of an utopian society,” Vision reports.

     According to Vision, the feds through the Department of Housing and Urban Development could withhold block grants to all communities if they don’t build enough so-called affordable housing in wealthy neighborhoods.

     “HUD is working with communities across the country to fulfill the promise of equal opportunity for all,” a spokesman for the federal agency said. “The proposed policy seeks to break down barriers to access…in communities…”

     Comment: Wake up Americans! Now Obama is coming for your neighborhoods! He plans to target the upscale neighborhoods in major cities and build low-income housing, basically for minorities, in those neighborhoods.

     Just as Bill O’Reilly said this week, none would object to minorities living in these neighborhoods. But they should be there because they worked hard and made enough money to purchase homes in those communities.

Hooray for Texas! Protection for Pastors

      Remember when Anise Parker, Houston’s lesbian mayor, tried to silence Christian ministers in the city?

     She urged the City Council to pass an ordinance that would make it a serious criminal penalty for any Christian pastor who preached the biblical view of homosexuality.

     However, the Texas Legislature this week passed a law signed by Gov. Gregg Abbott that protects Texas pastors from being forced to perform homosexual weddings that violate their religious beliefs. Also, the pastors cannot be forced to provide services, accommodations, facilities, goods or privileges for any homosexual marriage, according to Texas Values.

     “Despite strong opposition from some Democrats and from the LGBT advocacy groups…the bill passed with overwhelming majorities in the Texas House and Senate…” Texas Values said.

     Jonathan Saenz, president of Texas Values, made the following statement:

     “Today we honor pastors and clergy who are guided by their sincerely held religious beliefs and assure them that Texas stands firm on religious freedom without government interference.”

     Comment: I have yet to hear any response from Mayor Parker.

A Global Warming Menagerie

     Think about it. President Obama, former Vice President Al Gore, Hillary Clinton and hosts of scientists in academia all sound the alarm. They say we are doomed if we don’t do something about man-made global warming.

     If it’s too hot — global warming. Too cold — global warming. Hurricanes — global warming. No hurricanes — global warming. Drought in California — global warming. Heavy rains in Texas — global warming.

     The President says there is no question that it is settled science. Gore said a few years ago that we only have 10 years to live.

     But here we are — still alive.

     These doomsayers should just listen to themselves and how foolish they sound to the rest of us.

     Some 30,000 scientists signed a paper saying Obama and Gore and all the scientists who are trying to scare us into spending trillions of dollars to solve the so-called problem are on the wrong side of true science.

     Something to Think About

     The Heritage Foundation has given us some food for thought.

     “Your freedom is slipping away as Washington’s power grows. You freedom is undermined by a more intrusive government, which increasingly dictates how you run your life. The principles of America’s Founding have never been more at risk.

     “Washington is taking over your health care. Encouraging illegal immigration as a political force to suppress your freedom. Raising your taxes. Enslaving your family by a national debt. Coddling dictators and gutting our national defenses.”

     What are we going to do about it?

Biggest Construction Failure in VA History

     VA Turns to Taxpayers for Bailout

     Although the project is already $1 billion over budget and has become the “biggest construction failure” in the history of the Department of Veterans Affairs, the VA has just received $100 million in new funding, according to the American Prosperity Network.

     “Even worse, the $100 million is barely enough to keep the construction project going for another three weeks,” the Network reported.

     ABC news reported that “Construction will continue on a new veterans medical center near Denver, expected to serve 400,000 former military service members and their families…” but also noted that “contractors had prepared to stop work on the project as approved funding dried up after repeated overruns and delays.”

    When the project began in 2005, it was to cost just $328 million but now it has grown to $1.73 billion and will take several more years to complete, the Network reported.

     Comment: All of us want the best possible medical care for our veterans and their families. But we often wonder: Who is looking out for taxpayers and watching our money for us? Apparently no one. This Reportrepeatedly documents these kinds of poor planning and waste. Yet nothing ever seems to be done about it. The answer to most every problem in Washington is “more money.”

The Bill Keith Report and Commentary: Owe Bama 6/13/15