The Bill Keith Report: The Insanity Continues

The Bill Keith Report: The Insanity Continues

March 18, 2016

The Bill Keith Report and Commentary

Watch out that the FBI doesn’t come knocking at your door. All it takes is your talkative schoolchild….Our President would like to put a Hindu on the Supreme Court..…22 American veterans commit suicide every day.…A nuclear bomb smuggled across our border? All this and more is straight ahead on the Bill Keith Report and Commentary. Here’s Ray to share it with you right now.

 School Teachers, Spies, and American Students

     Minuteman News reports In what some have called an “Orwellian scheme,” the Obama administration plans to ask school teachers to spy on American students so “extremist” parents can be reported to the FBI or other law-enforcement agencies.

     According to The New American, in January the FBI issued an unclassified document on “preventing violent extremism in schools.”

     The document encourages teachers to watch out for pro-life activists and religious students who may be critical of corruption in government and those who lean heavily on the U. S. Constitution.

     Comment: Sometimes I ask myself, “Where are the American people? Are they asleep? Don’t they know what’s going on? Have most already raised the white flag of surrender to the Obama secularists?”

     Spying on parents? This is exactly what Adolph Hitler asked the German youth to do back during the days of the Third Reich.

A Hindu on the Supreme Court?

     Just when you think you’ve seen it all and things can’t get worse, you learn that President Obama is considering a Hindu judge for the U. S. Supreme Court.

     According to various news sources, Obama narrowed his proposed appointment down to two men — Sri Srinivasan and Merrick Garland, eventually choosing Garland.

     Obama appointed Srinivasan to the appellate court in 2013 and the judge took the oath of office with his hand on the Bhagavad Gita, a Hindu holy book.

     Comment: It’s really scary when we think of having a Hindu on the highest court — or on any court — in this land making decisions that affect every American.

     As a Hindu, he should be making legal and moral judgments in a Hindu land, not in a Christian land. How could he ever understand Obama’s seven-year persecution of Christians? How could he ever understand the great history of this land?

     I don’t know what kind of medicine Obama is taking. But he needs to cut the dose in half.

Donald Trump, Rallies and Protests

     Last week presidential candidate Donald Trump planned a rally in Chicago but protesters, in the name of the First Amendment, closed down the rally and Mr. Trump’s First Amendment rights.

     The protesters included Bill Ayers, the unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist of the 1960s and Obama’s friend. The Underground bombed government buildings, police stations and are believed to be responsible for the death of a police officer.

     Others included, a communist-influenced organization run by billionaire George Soros and Black Live Matter activists who have carried on a campaign against police officers yet are welcome guests at the White House.

     Violence broke out and almost immediately the left-leaning news media said the protest was Trump’s fault because his strong rhetoric on such matters as building a border fence along the Rio Grande, his strong stand for the Second Amendment and his opposition to the imbalance of American trade with foreign countries, who, he says, are ripping off the American people.

     Comment: I’m no particular fan of Mr. Trump and certainly no fan of Hillary Clinton. I did not vote for him in the Texas primary.

     However, there would be no violence if the protesters would stay home and allow Mr. Trump to hold peaceful meetings. And the news media should lay the blame where it belongs — with the radical protesters who want to silence everyone who disagrees with them.

Whoa, Hillary! Say What?

     Last week Hillary Clinton “lit an exploding cigar” by stating her plan to destroy the coal industry, as one commentator pointed out.

     “We’re gonna put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,” the Washington Free Beacon reported her saying.

     When she realized what she had said and how it must have sounded to the thousands of coal miners who are losing and will lose their jobs, she quickly tried to cover up her gaffe.

     She promised that she would set up another welfare program to take care of the miners and their families.

     Also, during another speaking engagement, she made another gaffe. She said that no Americans died in Libya during the conflict there. Say what? Doesn’t she remember our ambassador who was killed and dragged through the streets by the terrorists? Or the three other proud men who died trying to defend the American embassy?

     Comment: The coal miners who have worked hard all their lives don’t want a welfare program. They want to work. And there is no reason whatsoever to shut down the coal mines. Now there is new technology that can control much of the environmental effects of such mining. But she is in the hip pocket of the radical environmentalists who want to stop the use of all fossil fuels. But in so doing, the American people will experience skyhigh electric bills. But I guess Hillary never thought about that.

     What about her statement about no Americans dying in Libya? I think she is hoping Libya will go away, for the families of the four men who died there all say that Hillary lied to them and told them terrorists didn’t kill our men. She said they died because of a Muslim reaction to an American video critical of Mohammed. Yet on the very night our great men were murdered, she told the truth of what happened to Chelsea and to others.

President Obama said the very same thing about it being the videos fault to the United Nations a month after the terrorist attack, knowing full well that was a lie.

The Veterans Dilemma and the National Conscience

     It’s a great mystery. Why do we spend billions of dollars taking care of illegal aliens and immigrants from the Middle East (mostly Muslims), yet don’t take care of our veterans.

     Some 22 veterans commit suicide every day. So, the Obama administration set up a Suicide Hotline to try to help them. But guess what? When some veterans called the hotline, they got voice mail.

When the operators finally got back with the callers, many had already committed suicide.

     Enter the Wounded Warriors Project. All of us have seen the television commercials that tell of the soldiers who have been wounded in service to our country and it is heartbreaking to see how so many American lives have been virtually destroyed.

      Comment: The Project is a good thing as it really helps the wounded warriors. But I wonder, why the government isn’t taking care of these men and women. They fought for us. Now isn’t it time that we fight for them?

Border Battle

     News agencies report that Texas border patrol agents along the Rio Grande are now carrying radiation detectors. They fear terrorists may smuggle a nuclear device across the virtually open border with Mexico planning to destroy an American city. Black market nuclear devices are available in Eastern Europe and are small enough to be carried in a briefcase.

     This startling new development draws attention to the Obama administration’s failed border security policy that turns no illegals back across the border but sends all of them to detention centers. They then are ordered to go before a judge who supposedly rules on their status. However, the problem is that few of the illegals ever appear before the judge but disappear in cities all across our land.

     Comment: For two years, the Bill Keith Report has warned the American people of the likelihood of terrorists bringing a nuclear device across the border into this land to take out one of our major cities. There are other factors to consider:

     First, Obama has stopped most all deportations and has ordered the border patrol to stand down.

     Second, heroin traffic has spiked in recent years as the Mexican drug cartels are able to move the dangerous drug across the border at will. Now, because of the vast quantities coming into this land costing only $5 a hit, addiction is increasing all over America is is incredible and has reached crisis proportions in some states.

     Third, nearly every week we learn of horrific crimes being committed by illegals, some who have been deported numerous times and come right back across the border. Last year Obama released 95,000 convicted illegal criminals back into the neighborhoods of America. Now Immigration & Customs Enforcement officials have just admitted that 124 more criminal illegal aliens released are charged with 138 murders in 250 communities across America.

     Yet Obama takes no ownership for the crimes they commit. He has an agenda to bring in as many illegals as possible, eventually grant them citizenship, is such a all go to sleep believing they will all become democrats. Thus, the democrats will control this land for the next 50 years.

Posse Comitatus and National Security

     Reasonable, thinking people may wonder why the U. S. will not close off the border with Mexico. George Bush didn’t close it. Obama won’t close it. And the people wonder why.

     A simple solution would be to station the 82nd Airborne all along the border and turn all the illegals back into Mexico and never let them enter this land. That would solve the problem in just a few weeks.

     However, there is a law known as Posse Comitatus that says military forces cannot be used to deal with civilians except in wartime.

     Comment: The war is here. The immigration war. The drug war. The human trafficking war. Why not use the military?

     There is a record 61 million immigrants in the U. S., 15.7 million illegally.