The Bill Keith Report: How the Democrats expect to win in 2016

The Bill Keith Report: How the Democrats expect to win in 2016


March 13, 2015

     Although solar energy subsidies cost the taxpayer $39 billion per year, solar energy makes up only 0.6 percent of all the electricity generated in this land, the Washington Examiner reports. The program has been a hallmark of the Obama administration.

     Barney Fife and the Keystone Cops — Barney and the Cops would be proud of two Secret Service agents — apparently drunk — who last week drove through a White House security barricade where other agents were conducting an active bomb investigation.Washington Post reported the agents hit the barricade and drove right past the suspicious package thought to be a bomb. President Obama continues to defend the Service.

     Assassins shot and wounded two Ferguson, Missouri, police officers during a night riot earlier this week. The protesters celebrated the shooting. A protester called the shooting, “The best day Ferguson has had in years.” The assassins shot one of the police officers in the face and the bullet lodged near his brain, the other in the shoulder and the bullet went out through his back.

     The Associated Students group at the University of California at Irvine, voted to remove the American flag from their building. They said they took the action because illegals at the University might “feel bad” when they saw the flag. Student Matthew Guevara, who sits on the Association’s board, authored the resolution.

     Rev. Franklin Graham says that President Obama “defends Islam and chastises Christians” and denies the “religious freedoms” of those who oppose abortion and gay marriage,” according to CNSNews. He added that this nation is “morally crumbling within” and that “we have turned our back on God.”

     Remember last month’s White House summit on “Countering Violent Extremism?'” A Muslim sheikh — Sa’ad Musse Roble — opened the second day of the conference with a Muslim prayer. Obama administration officials and democrat congressmen attended. No other faiths were represented.

    Drunk Driving is illegal for most of us — but not for illegals stopped by the U. S. Border Patrol. The Obama administration has ordered the agents to discontinue stopping them for drunk driving.

Will the Insanity Never End?

     Illegals who Paid No Taxes to Get Large Tax Refunds

     Illegal aliens in this land who haven’t even filed income tax returns for the past several years now are eligible for big tax refunds under President Obama’s executive amnesty program, Brietbart News reports.

     According to an IRS report, once the illegals get Social Security numbers, they will be able file back tax returns and obtain up to four years of tax benefits under Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit.

     Observers believe that an illegal family with three children will receive up to $35,560.

Executive Amnesty: Obama Defeats Republicans — Again

     Back in November, the American people sent a strong message to Washington — they are opposed to big government, higher taxes, Obamacare and executive amnesty for the millions of illegals in this land.

     But apparently the Republicans who control Congress care little what the American people think as they approved a Homeland Security appropriation that fully funded Obama’s amnesty.

     Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly chastised the Congressmen for their actions. “It’s an insult to everyone who voted to elect the Republicans in the last congressional election. The American people clearly voted against Obama’s illegal, unconstitutional bills of all kinds. Amnesty is the main one…The American people are absolutely against amnesty, and they don’t want it funded. I just don’t understand the Republicans.”

     She pointed out that Republicans control appropriations and should be able to stop Obama’s lawlessness.

     “The Constitution gives the House the power of the purse, and they should exercise that power of the purse by cutting off money they think is wrong,” Schlafly said. “I wish Republicans would be Republicans. That’s what we really need — people to stand up to Obama. He’s a disaster for our country…”

     Meanwhile, former congresswoman Michelle Bachman said the Republicans may have missed their last chance to defund Obama’s executive amnesty. “Ask yourself: Would the GOP congress have scheduled a vote to pay for amnesty for illegal aliens the week before last November’s election? If they wouldn’t take that vote before the election, why would the GOP fully fund Obama’s amnesty for illegal aliens now?”

Islam and American Slavery

     You probably will never hear it mentioned in America — and particularly around the White House — but Islam slave traders sold most African Americans into slavery in the United States.

     Erudite author and historian David Barton has the courage to document the strong ties Islam had to the world slave traffic. Although President Obama says that Islam is woven into the fabric of the founding of this country in science, the arts, etc., Barton says he can’t find a single contribution the Muslims made.

     “In all the reading I’ve done…we know Muslims were the folks who captured the slaves sent to America, largely out of Africa…The Muslims did the slave hunting and the slave trading…

     Barton points out that various Islamic kingdoms were exceptionally good at capturing and selling slaves. “Every conquest of a neighboring town or kingdom ended with forced conversions and enslavement of those the Muslims didn’t slaughter.”

     According to Barton, America’s first foreign war was against the Barbary Pirates who were raiding American ships, capturing Americans, holding some for ransom and selling off the others as slaves.

The Wounded Warrior Project and the American Conscience

     If you watch Fox News, you probably have seen commercials asking for help for the Wounded Warrior Project. The cameos of the wounded men and women are gut-wrenching and should strike a chord deep down in the soul that would make us want to help these warriors.

     Men like Bill O’Reilly — and many others — have given millions of dollars to the project to help these American heroes.

     But as I watch the commercials, the thought keeps coming back to me: “Why is the federal government not meeting all the needs of these wounded warriors?”

     The government admits there is $50 billion in Medicare fraud in this land each year and we have 46 million people on food stamps. Why can’t we take care of these men who were wounded in their call to duty?

Obama Vetoes Keystone Pipeline

     The Keystone Pipeline as approved by Congress would immediately create nearly 50,000 new jobs for American workers. Yet, President Obama vetoed the legislation.

     The President bowed to the wishes of the radical environmentalists in this land who oppose the use of any fossil fuel. Through the years, this group has been his strongest financial supporter.

     However, as one observer said, “By vetoing the pipeline — which would transport oil from Canada through the U.S. — Obama is risking national security and jeopardizing good paying jobs for Americans in the construction industry just to pander to environmentalists.”

     Canadian officials have considered selling their oil to China, a country that has large super tankers to transport the oil back to their country,

Obama’s Executive Amnesty and the 2016 Presidential Election

     Is President Obama’s executive amnesty for millions of illegals actually his 2016 voter registration drive to elect a democrat to succeed him? Some believe it is.

     Most Americans never take the time to read the fine print and we are often surprised when the hidden truth is revealed.

     Here’s the news behind the news. When the President by fiat declared amnesty for the five million illegals, that meant several things.

     First, they will no longer face being deported back to their homeland. But that really wasn’t a big deal, for most deportations ceased a long time ago.

     Second, they now are eligible for drivers licenses and Social Security and Medicare cards.

     Third, with these documents in hand, nothing will keep them from registering to vote in the 2016 presidential election.

     So, did President Obama out-fox the Republicans again and did he add five million — and perhaps millions more — to the Democrat voting rolls? I believe he did and if that is true, Democrats will control this government for the next 50 years and beyond.

     And the pushover Republicans — who like sheep being led to the slaughter — voted to fully fund his reckless amnesty program.


*The Republican Betrayal of the American People

     Some of us had high hopes that the Republican return to power in Washington would help overcome many of the dictatorial decisions by President Obama and return government to the will of the people.

     With that in mind, some of us organized prayer vigils for the Republicans to take back Congress for we believed in them and the party’s stand for constitutional government. Others contributed large amounts of money to Republican candidates, worked the polls, and did everything possible to get them elected.

     But our hopes were short-lived as within weeks after assuming power, the Republicans betrayed the conservative people of this land who elected them.

     First, they betrayed us on right to life or abortion.

     A bill moved through the House of Representatives to stop all late-term abortions. Those are abortions that are performed when the baby could live outside the womb. Generally, when those babies are born, they are tied up in plastic bags and suffocate. Then they are thrown into the garbage.

     But just when we saw a ray of hope that would stop this disgraceful abortion practice, the Republicans betrayed us. A group of Republican women chose not to support the legislation and it died and hope died with it.

     Why did the women oppose the bill? They said it would send the wrong message to the women of America that Republicans are anti-women.

     Hence, these Republican women chose death over life, expediency over morality and turned their backs on the will of the American people who overwhelmingly oppose late-term abortions.

     But there was another betrayal on the horizon.

     The American people for years have voiced their opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens in this land. The polls show that more than 60 percent believe such amnesty would be wrong.

     Also, the conservatives and evangelical Christians who turned out in vast numbers in November to place the Republicans back in office, were adamant in the opposition to illegal amnesty.

     But the Congress voted to fully fund Obama’s amnesty program which could be the ruination of this land as already hundreds of thousands of additional aliens plan to come to this land and, some believe, the number could reach as many as 20 million.

     Because of their actions, Obama is the big winner, the American people the big losers.

*The only candidate for president who voted against the Keystone pipeline was Bernie Sanders. All declared Senate Republican candidates voted for it. 

How the Democrats expect to win in 2016