The devil is a Liar

Hello friends,
Recently, I was having a conversation with someone and during the course of our talk it became obvious that my friend had some very deep seeded racism. I believe it was out of ignorance not  hatred, and I was interested in finding out more.
In the back of my mind, I was rationalizing. You don’t want to get into this conversation here, where others can hear you. It might embarrass him. It might turn into a larger, hateful conversation as more people join in. It will deteriorate into a big argument, solving nothing.
Obviously these would be legitimate concerns, however I felt compelled to inquire, but maybe this wasn’t the time or place.
“Liar” I screamed in my head. “devil you are a liar” I repeated to myself.
The first documented lie was in Genesis, chapter three, when the serpent deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden. He’s been perfecting this skill ever since. He’s very good at it. He will use the smallest element of truth to twist your brain in all directions.
Following the Holy Spirit’s prompting I went ahead and chatted with my friend. It didn’t exactly change his views, but It did get him re-thinking his position. A few days later, he told me how the guest speaker at his church was the very race that he had a problem with. He told me that he immediately thought of me as the speaker was introduced. Then he was amazed at the words that the man shared with the congregation. He couldn’t stop talking about how amazing the man was. What an awesome sermon the man shared.
Had I listened to the devil’s lie, my friend might have dismissed the guest speaker without ever hearing what he had to say, and would likely still be buried beneath the prejudices and deceptions that Satan taught him long ago, more lies. Now he has a chance to be set free from all of that. I planted seeds of truth. The guest speaker helped by watering those seeds. I feel confident that he will continue to be exposed to truths and get over his ideas of right. Trading his right for the righteousness of Christ.
The devil tells us all sorts of lies; for example he can tell us we aren’t qualified because we don’t have the education, we haven’t read the Word enough, we are too ugly, we don’t have the time, I‘ll be embarrassed. All of those things that we tell ourselves when God is asking us to be love to someone.
I would suggest that the next time you catch yourself wondering about how to get out of an appointment arranged by the Almighty by  listening to the reasons to recuse yourself, instead, recognize who it is manipulating your thoughts and  tell the devil “you are a liar! Stay away from me in the name of Jesus!”.
As you get the hang of recognizing the lies and expose them for what they are, you take a big tool out of the enemies tool box. You’ll have much more freedom to operate in truth and in the will of God. The results will amaze you.

Love in Jesus,


Reach More Now

The ground so soft and wet,
A marshy land, a waste.
The pillars are being set.
Pounded into place.

Ready to serve its purpose;
To redeem, restore, create.
Deep beneath the surface
The foundation is strong and straight.

Lord help us to
See more, be more, reach more now.
Teach more, preach more, reach more now.

This house under construction;
Practical, functional and fine.
Free from all obstruction.
Each detail by design.

The Architect, the Mastermind
Our Rock, the Cornerstone.
Built by the Master Carpenter
Who sits on mercy’s throne.

Lord help us to
Care more, share more, reach more now.
Say more, pray more, reach more now.