The Fisherman by Larry Huntsperger Chapter 9

The Fisherman by Larry Huntsperger 
If you give your life to Jesus Christ will He take care of you? Yes, He’s promised to provide all your needs. I grew more and more aware of this the longer I’ve been committed to Him. I earned nothing but hell. But He died for me and lives for me and will forever keep me from hell. He Is doing the same for you if you are a Christian.

Yet it is really true that the vast majority even of Christians still carry the attitude “I’d rather do it myself.” It should seriously help you to know that the apostle Peter and undoubtedly all the rest of the apostles felt that same way until they realized how greatly Jesus loved them and would provide for them. If you’re missing my point at all, I pray that Chapter 9 of The Fisherman will make it much clearer. Join me as we share this together right now. –Ray

The Fisherman by Larry Huntsperger