Tom Christensen is Joining the Reach More Now Team

        Hello, my name is Tom Christensen and I’m very excited to be joining the Reach More Now team. I trust that God will give me things to share that will bless and enlighten you. I often express myself by writing poetry, short stories, long stories, and giving my takes on current events. I’ve often felt like I had something to share, but I’ve lacked the resources to let my voice be heard beyond my immediate group of friends and family. It’s thrilling to expand that audience. This is a sort of a creative “Promised Land” for me.

I’ve known Ray and Larry since I was in High School. I spent a lot of time in the Mossholder home, and received richly from the experience. My friendship with Larry is one of those relationships that lasts a lifetime. We can be separated by time and distance, but when we reunite it’s like time has stood still. Larry sharpens me and sets me straight without any conscience effort. We spend our time together talking, laughing and sharing the things that God is doing in our lives. It’s always good stuff. My prayer is that you will become an extension of the kind of give and take that Larry and I have.
I feel fortunate to know Ray. His son Tim is another friend of mine much like Larry. The time I spent at the Mossholder household was amazing. God knew the input I needed as a young man, who was the product of divorced parents. I received so much of the gap-filling love and direction that kept me on course for a life of serving Christ. Ray’s sense of humor and his belly-laugh always bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. He has insight to the bible that is refreshing and encouraging. I can still recall some conversations that I had with Ray that impact me to this day. I find myself sharing some of those truths with the people around me all the time.

Here is a little more about me: I love sports, games, music, politics and observing people. I love to praise and worship God. I like to share my opinions and observations with friends. It can be a very simple concept, or a deep and elaborate thought. I don’t really subscribe to popular opinion; unless of course I agree with it. I think I see things differently from a lot of people, but my heart is to see things through the eyes of God. I try to be love to all people at all times, however I must admit that I fail at that a whole lot. I want to be better at that and be more consistent in being love to others.

I am anxiously looking forward to the future with Reach More Now. I thought I might leave you with a poem that expresses where I often find myself.
In Jesus’ Name,


Promised Land
It’s like…

I’ve been wandering in the wilderness
For forty years.
I’ve seen amazing miracles.
Shed heartbroken tears.

I’ve fought in epic battles
Won some, lost some.
I’ve got awesome friends and family
Yet I feel so lonesome.

When will I hear Your voice
Give me  the command?
It’s time to cross the river
Into the promised land.

At times I’ve been rebellious
Rejected You and Your ways.
I’ve learned it’s best to trust You
And live in the gift of Your grace.

It’s like…

I’ve fought through indecision
Listening, standing still.
I’ve sought Your direction.
I desire Your will.

I’ve been in my closet,
On my knees in prayer.
I’ve cried tears of weariness
Wondering if You’re there.

When will I hear You speak to me?
This silence fills my ears with sand.
I long to hear You say
Go to the promised land.

The land of milk and honey
The place where hope is realized.
Give me ears to hear Your voice
And help me to recognize.

It’s like…

I know that You’ve been here with me.
Every step along my way.
I even know You’ve been whispering
But I don’t always hear what You say.

I’m learning obedience.
Make Your ways, mine.
Follow Your direction
Walk in Your design.

As I learn from You my Father
To know what it is to be Your son
I know the thoughts You have towards me
My future and hope are already won.

Your Word talks to my soul.
Your Spirit speaks to my heart.
The more I hear You say to me,
The more I’m set apart.

Now I remove my sandals.
Holy ground is where I stand.
I’m ready to cross over
Into the promised land.