What Is My Calling?

Hi Everyone,

My friend recently asked me what it was that I thought I should be doing? It was an easy answer and had nothing to do with my vocation. “I’m supposed to be writing…and I’m not“ I answered.
Usually the question is asked of ones self, and especially amongst Christians, what am I supposed to be doing? What is my calling? I’ve missed it. They seek the answer from friends, teachers, pastors. Anyone in a place of authority that might have that insight.
We often identify someone else’s calling early in life, If the fetus kicks hard in the womb, they are a future soccer player or a dancer. If the toddler is a bit husky, they will become a linebacker. If the child has a melody to their speech or want everyone’s attention as they perform, they will surely be a entertainer of one sort or another. We have fun with this prognosticating. Sometimes we can look back any say we could see that trait in them, even as a baby. You can watch film of Tiger Woods swinging a golf club at a very early age and just know he was born to golf.
So, was I born to be in the ministry? Was I meant to be an evangelist, a teacher or a profit? Or maybe an author?
The answer is much simpler than we make it out to be. We don’t need to fret over it either. It is laid out for us in the Word of God as Jesus has told us to “follow Him”. Throughout the Gospels Jesus calls the disciples to lay down their nets and follow Him. That is our calling, to follow Him. All of the other, temporal things, can be good and right, however they will pass. You can be a pastor, an exhorter, a healer. Before you are any of that, and long after, you are a follower of Christ.
While I am supposed to be writing because God helps me express myself in that matter, the bottom line is I am called to follow Him. I need to write even if no one else ever reads what I’ve put to paper, because it is part of me. It helps me. But my calling is not to write. It is to get myself in close proximity of my God and commune with Him. My mission is to share this relationship with others and help them get close to God as well. I will do that if I am following Him.
Following Him takes the practice of being obedient to Him. When I sense that God has directed me to do something, and I do it, by being obedient, I am following Him. When I ignore that directive, I stop following.
When we understand our identity in Christ, we become much better at obeying, and in turn we are better at following Jesus. Unfortunately Christians have too often allowed their identity to be stolen. We are in a type of identity crisis that needs to be addressed. In the coming days I plan to discuss what exactly our identity is and what our authority is according to the bible.


With Love and Regards,



On Fire

“I’m on fire” the Boss exclaimed.

“Desire” is what Bono once sang.

From the mountaintops I’ll shout

I’m on fire, I desire,

You can’t shut or put me out.

Don’t bother tryin’. I’m on fire.

I know what I’m worth, or at least

I appreciate what I am worth, a King’s ransom.


King’s ransom, and He paid it.

No negotiation, just the Author of creation

Loving me so much, He took my case,

My sentence, and in my place,

He sent His Son to die…for me.


To pay such a price for me,

I must be more than special,

Awesome, precious, incredible.

It’s almost inconceivable, unbelievable,

Unreasonable. But He did it. Why?

He says He loves me. He loves me.

I’m gonna take Him at His word and I’m gonna read it,

Eat it, live it, be it, receive it, return it.

I’m not alone, not the only one, or one of the few.

The truth is, He paid the same price, His most prized,

His Son’s life. And He gave it for you too.

Know what you’re worth? You’re more than special,

Awesome, precious, and incredible.

He made you. And He made you like Him.

In His image. His DNA. You’re valuable.

He said it. And it’s true. He loves you.

If He can love a once wretch like me,

The least I can do is love

Someone so wonderful as you.

I’m on fire, my desire is to

Love a lot more. Get down on the floor.

Wash your feet and see you

The way my God see’s me.