6 Does a wife have to “Love, honor, and OBEY?”

Wives aren’t dogs and they should never have to go to obedience school. Somewhere in the many years beyond recall, pastors began the mantra to each bride at her wedding “Do you promise to love, honor, and OBEY your husband?” That  is totally un-biblical and was a sad mistake that is still being repeated by pastors and the brides at many Christian weddings. No wonder why so many Christian girls and women never want to get married!

I know why the word “obey” started being used. It happened because some versions of the Bible, including the King James, use the word “obey” in place of the English word “submit”. Both English words fall far short of saying what a wife is meant by God to do with her husband.

So, what does the word “submit” or the horribly misused word “obey” mean in God’s mind? How is a great marriage supposed to work between the husband and the wife? Here is God’s answer…… –Ray