Worldwide News with Ray May 2, 2016

Worldwide News with Ray May 2, 2016will

This is Ray Mossholder.



Donald Trump holds a double-digit lead in the Republican presidential race in Indiana with 49 percent support among likely voters, according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Marist poll out yesterday.

Ted Cruz sits 15 percentage points behind, with 34 percent support, and John Kasich notched just 13 percent.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton holds a narrow lead over Bernie Sanders, 50 percent to 46 percent, ahead of Tuesday’s primaries.

Cruz has said if he loses in Indiana, Trump will be nominated on the first ballot at the convention.

“May Day!” “May Day!”

From Moscow to Madrid, May Day marchers grew angrier each step they took as labor and union activists marched for jobs and higher wages. Paris and Istanbul were the scenes of protesters attacked police with water cannons, teargas, Molotov cocktails, fireworks, and hand grenades.

And Istanbul man in his 50s was killed during the melee when police ran over him with a water cannon vehicle.

Angry marches also took place in Cuba where hundreds of thousands marched;  80,000 marched in Austria, and tens of thousands marched in South Korea, all protesting their governments decisions affecting them.

Not to be left out, there were plenty of May Day protesters clashing with police in Seattle and several other large cities across America. Not to be left out, still another riot broke out in front of a Donald Trump rally in Los Angeles.

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, leader of the Church of England and the symbolic head of the worldwide Anglican denomination has had the shock of his life. For sixty years he believed his father was Gavin Welby, an alcoholic who died when the Archbishop was twenty years old.

The Archbishop’s father was actually Sir Anthony Montague Browne, Winston Churchill’s private secretary. His mother has now explained that she was drunk most all of the time that lead up to and followed her wedding to Mister Welby. She said she vaguely remembers having sex with Sir Anthony Montague Browne. She said “it appears that the precautions taken at the time didn’t work, and my wonderful son was conceived as a result of this liaison.

After this discovery, the leader of the Church of England said this wasn’t the worst revelation he had had in his life because “I know that I find who I am in Jesus Christ, not in genetics, and my identity in Him never changes.”

President Obama proved once again last night at the White House Correspondents dinner that if he wants a new career after he leaves the presidency, he would be highly successful as a standup comedian.  He made great jokes about himself and about almost everybody else and he kept his audience rolling with laughter.

Sadly, the same couldn’t be said for comedian Larry Wilmore. His jokes were barbed and unfunny. The crowd that had just been roaring with laughter went nearly silent as Wilmore started badly and continually grew worse. It was embarrassing.

One thing for sure, Wilmore proved that following funnyman Obama and trying to be funny yourself is a near hopeless situation.

If anyone thinks Donald Trump is crude and rude, they are read some of the emails sent out by Los Angeles Sheriff Jim McDonnell’s chief of staff. His name is Tom Angel, but according to those who have read his emails, he is now Angel at all.

Although the emails were sent by the now resigned Chief of Staff, while he was with the Burbank Police Department he had sent out a host of emails that mocked women, Muslims, Blacks, Latinos, and people he just didn’t like. Rather than fire him, Sheriff McDonnell accepted his resignation.






Getting a head start on the May Day protests, Hundreds of activists stormed Iraq’s parliament building Saturday in support of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. al Sader is accusing Iraqi politicians of corruption.

The demonstrators climbed over blast walls in Baghdad’s Green Zone, which houses most of the country’s ministries and foreign embassies, after parliament couldn’t reach quorum to hold a session.

For months, protesters have been demanding Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi take more steps against blatant government crime. For the past four months, al –Abadi has been unable to call his cabinet together.

The capital announced a state of emergency in the midst of the Saturday’s protests.


Thousands of Greek Orthodox Christians are flocking to a church in Southwest Chicago where they believe they are seeing a miracle and some report receiving miracles of their own.

The Chicago Tribune reports there are tiny drops of a sweet smelling oil that are trickling down an icon of John the Baptist at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Homer Glen, Illinois.

The parish priest of the church, a man lovingly known by his parishioners as Father Sam, told the newspaper “It’s so powerful to see such an act of God before your eyes.”

The oil exudes from the icons halo, wings, hands and beard and collects in a reservoir of cotton at its base. Father Sam saturates the cotton balls with the oil and hands them to visitors and parishioners alike. The result? Reports of physical healing among many.

A few of the reports include a blocked artery being cleared and cancer completely disappearing. The Father himself had been experiencing blackouts because of the nerve condition. He confessed “I haven’t had one attack since the oil began. And I have stopped taking my medicine entirely.”

James Skedros, the Dean of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, told the Tribune the similar episodes have been taking place across the United States.


You know the term “tickling the ivories”, but have you heard the term “burning the ivories?” That’s happened in Kenya.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta had $172 million dollars of ivory and other illegal wildlife goods burned into a gigantic pile of ashes on Saturday. The burning was done in an attempt to put a halt the illicit practice of rhino and elephant hunting.

Included in the burn were 105 tons of elephant ivory, nearly as many rhino horns, and other exotic animal skins.

President Kenyatta explained “The rising value of elephant ivory trade, illegally on the international market, has resulted in a massacre in the rainforest of Africa

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta burned more than $172 million in illicit wildlife goods Saturday, the nation’s fourth such burn. The event, meant to combat poaching, included 105 tons of elephant ivory, 1.35 tons of rhino horn, and exotic animal skins.,” Kenyatta said.


The Jesuit priest who was a powerful force in gathering large protests against the United States involvement in the Vietnam War, activist Reverend Daniel Berrigan, died yesterday at the age of 94. A Jesuit priest influential in forming U.S. opposition to the Vietnam War, died Saturday at age 94.

In 1968, Berrigan and his brother led other activists in seizing hundreds of local draft records in Catonsville, Maryland, and setting them on fire with homemade napalm. Berrigan was imprisoned. His activism and subsequent arrests continued in his later years. “The day after I’m embalmed, that’s when I’ll give it up,” he said in 2001.

And speaking of funny…

Be on the lookout for a 46-year-old man whose smile lights up a room.

In Columbus, Ohio, a male thief has been accused of stealing more than $2500 in teeth whitening kits. So far, the man has made a clean getaway.

The man didn’t take them all from one place. He took them from stores all over Columbus. His largest one store hall amounted to $420 worth of teeth whitening strips. But the man was very particular. He has only taken Crest brand strips.

Coppers are on the lookout for a bright pair of choppers.

This is Ray Mossholder. Remember, I always aim to tell the tooth, er I mean truth.

Worldwide News with Ray May 2, 2016